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Education Doesn’t Stop

Remember long ago, when people wanted to learn something new? They would embark on a journey to gain knowledge and ability. A hunt for answers was expected; perhaps they went to a library for a specific book, poring over it with all their focus. Maybe they had to find another human being who knew more than they did. Some old-fashioned sharing of knowledge would take place. After investing days, weeks, or even years, the wisdom or skill would be acquired.

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Those days are long gone. If you’re in school and have assigned reading, followed by a test, you don’t even have to read the book. Just get the SparkNotes version and you’ll probably pass! If you have a speck of interest in woodworking, you can order a chair that comes in an easy-to-assemble kit. Tell all your friends that you built it yourself! We are being swept up in a wave of rapidly evolving technology that makes many skills easier to explore. While exploration is assuredly the spice of life, the average person doesn’t want to invest much effort into certain specialties, because they aren’t used to needing to. For those interested in learning about gardening, the residue of instant gratification makes for intimidated amateurs. And trust me…we need more gardeners!

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To be able to care for various plants with distinct needs is a craft that takes time to master. Many of those curious about growing perennials perceive it as an endeavor that could only end in failure, blocking out the spirit of experimentation. To this, we ask: what is failure? As long as you learn something in the process, you are only gaining wisdom. The more you attempt to grow those gorgeous hydrangeas or maintain a simple herb garden, the more you will understand how to read plants. They offer us beauty, nourishment and enjoyment in exchange for customized care that gets more and more intuitive with practice. We all have it in us to engage with our surrounding environment in a beautiful interaction of give-and-take that is as old as time.

Monarch on rose of Sharon bloom

Not only does gardening fill our souls with contentment and lower rates of anxiety and depression, we feel more connected to our neighborhood and world. We can urge more beauty to grow out of the earth, as well as food for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Our pollinators depend on our curiosity and commitment to gardening. These creatures’ habitats are fading fast – but we have the opportunity to be stewards of the land. Without pollinators, our food supply dwindles dramatically. Let’s increase our collective capacity to protect and maintain the ecosystem products, services, and values on which this region depends. We can put monoculture behind us and head towards a more biodiverse landscape. 

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The challenge: Wherever you are with your relationship to gardening, take the next step. For amateurs, this could be as simple as attempting to grow thyme in the spring. For those who always buy compost to sprinkle in their garden, follow our composting guide. Perhaps you are an experienced gardener, but you’ve never taken the opportunity to cultivate grains. Now is your chance! Consider the unsustainability of lawns and how you can make your property more eco-friendly as you peruse this lawn conversion Initiative article. For all of you daring humans looking out upon that which you have not yet learned, accept that you may fail. You might botch things up. That’s okay. You have time to grow, to expand your understanding, to get your sea legs under you and become proficient – or even masterful – at your gardening goals.

We offer garden coaching for those wanting to cultivate their relationships with all the potential in their living spaces. Let us guide you on establishing the right plant in the right place. Watch your yard spring up into a healthy haven as you pursue knowledge with confidence and curiosity.

Each winter, the My Thyme Gardens team pours hours into CGIP (Certified Green Industry Professional) certifications, bringing you the most up-to-date insight and expertise.  

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