My Thyme Gardens team members standing along a garden path of stones in a lush garden surrounding

What We Do
As is with all new relationships, the goal is to get to know your style and vision. We listen to you express yourself, to see how we can help. We offer consulting, design and garden coaching. The methods and products we recommend are intended to support the ecosystems in and around your gardens, including supporting the local pollinators.

team member pruning a large shrub

After walking through your gardens with you, or chatting on the phone about your vision – or particular challenges you are facing in your gardens, we make a plan to rejuvenate your garden beds. This could mean a new, custom design, a garden coaching session, or pairing you with a landscape company that fits your personality, project and style.

mulched garden bed with large rocks, hosta plant, coral bells and other plants

While designing your garden, Jennifer sees landscapes through the eyes of a painter. Coming from a long line of artists and nature lovers, she curates a palette of plants for stunning, eco-friendly designs. The fruits of her labor? Beautiful green spaces not only for you to relish and enjoy, but also for local pollinators and wildlife to be supported, as well as encouraged to interact with each other.

built in brick paver patio garden bed filled with plants and flowers

Garden Coaching
Though gardening and caring for your landscapes can be intimidating for some, Jennifer offers one-on-one residential garden coaching in her signature style. She will immediately put you at ease, no matter what your level of gardening knowledge is. After one or two jam-packed sessions of walking through your gardens and learning about the potential your landscapes currently offer, you will know how to garden in a more environmentally sustainable way. Together, we can cultivate healthy gardens that are resilient, delightful, and full of life. You will learn how to mindfully care for your gardens today, ensuring that each plant continues to prosper for years to come.

After each session, you walk away with the confidence to navigate your next steps, as well as a written summary of the session. You may choose to purchase a new design by Jen, which you can implement yourself, or be referred to an amazing, local landscape company.

dramatic urn style porch pot with colorful plant materials

Seasonal Pot Design
The changing of seasons should be a celebration, inviting us to slow down and appreciate the subtle changes. An eye-catching container of color and texture by your front door or on the patio can enchant passersby to no end. We offer a custom pot design for every season.