What’s a CGIP Certification?

My Thyme Gardens encourages all staff members to be certified as a Certified Green Industry Professional (CGIP). This certification takes about a year to complete and includes practical on-the-job training, studying and in-person and virtual seminars. 

This state-certified program is specifically designed for our area’s climate and terrain. We dive into subjects such as plant biology, soil health, pruning techniques, and plant health care. We cover sections on fertilizer and managing potential runoff into the Great Lakes, local rivers and streams. We focus on our pollinators every step of the way. This helps us operate as caring stewards of the earth. We learn about species that are native and invasive, helping our clients choose species that grow sustainably and in harmony with their ecosystem. We learn about pests and diseases and how to prevent them — in an eco-friendly manner. We also receive tools on business management, equipping each team member with the most up-to-date information and skills in the green industry. 

We bring this cutting-edge knowledge to our clients in each consultation, installation, design and redesign, resulting in happy and healthy homes. 

Many ask if we are Master Gardeners. This program is also through Michigan State University, but it is geared towards the homeowner, while CGIP, founded in 1980, is designed for professionals in the green industry. 

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