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Garden Inspo!

Here are some of our current favorite books and YouTube channels to read and listen to, expanding our gardening horizons. Tap into the importance of the history of seeds through the generations, how gardening serves as a spine to hold ideas of language, culture, history and social justice together, and explore a newer style of gardening. Get inspiration for fresh garden designs, DIY garden projects and ways to make your landscapes lush and eye-catching all year long.

Inspiring Reads

Jennifer Ott reading The Seed Keeper
  • The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson: stories and seeds are shared from generation to generation, by indigenous seed keepers in the Dakotas. 
  • Orwell’s Roses by Rebecca Solnit: who knew George Orwell had a passion for gardening? This book connects his relationship with flora to his writing, as well as his views on antifascism, nature and power.
  • New Naturalism by Kelly Norris: geared towards the gardening nerds, this book draws the reader into the heart of gardening. Through his uniquely engaging writing style, Norris covers concepts such as native and sustainable landscaping, making the topic fun and vibrant. His gardening style is applicable for all landscapes, from the small urban lot to the large estate. 

Inspiring YouTube Channels 

Jack Barnwell
Photo credit: www.jackbarnwelldesign.com
  • Jack Barnwell: the main horticulturist for Mackinac Island, Barnwell’s cottage-y garden style is popular with his subscribers. He does Garden Walks, teaching us about Michigan perennials, as well as tropical plants that grow around his winter home of Florida. He is also the brain behind AquaPots; a self-watering pot. 
  • Roy Diblick: Roy is not only a friend of Piet Oudolf (of Oudolf Garden Detroit); he is a friend of ours as well. He installs Piet’s designs, his style of gardening meshing well with Piet’s. He is a prairie whisperer, filling the plant beds with green material so as not to invite weeds. He emphasizes full-season interest and loves companion planting.

(Featured photo credit: www.theimpatientgardener.com)

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