person holding a green plant

Transitions for My Thyme Gardens

It’s thyme for something new.

person holding a green plant

The seeds we have sown during the past seven years of business are growing in ways we could never have predicted. We are excited to announce that My Thyme Gardens has officially sold the maintenance and installation division to our previous field supervisor, Nikki Willemsen, who has established her own landscaping business; Nurtured Roots Landscaping (visit their website here). We are so excited for Nikki to get to pour into her own unique strengths of operations and running a crew. The majority of the MTG team has signed up to work under Nikki.

While they are in your gardens getting their hands in the soil, Jen (founder and owner of My Thyme Gardens) will be able to focus on her talents of designing new gardens and re-imagining what can be done in your backyard. She will also continue to offer consultations and personalized garden coaching, as well as educating people on gardening practices.

Jen of My Thyme Gardens
Nikki of Nurtured Roots Landscaping

Laurie, our Office Manager, Accounts Coordinator and Empathy Ambassador, will remain your point of contact. She will reach out to schedule your spring cleanup and other services, as per usual.

Jen has also been enjoying writing her blog and sharing lessons learned from nature, so she will continue posting them. If her blog has been resonating with you, please stay tuned because she has a very exciting literary adventure ahead of her. Ooooh, we can’t wait. More details to come! 

Jen says: “One of the things I’ve learned as a gardener is how fluid our gardens can be, and how they sometimes take on a life of their own. When we plant seeds, they open up all kinds of opportunities! I visualize my journey at My Thyme Gardens as a series of seed-planting. I was able to grow my community around gardening, and work with my team to heal the scars of the earth. I enjoyed countless hours with my hands in the dirt; my happy place. I never imagined selling my company, but it is the right path for me to take so that I can focus on my creative side. Nikki as the owner of her own landscaping business now gets to grow and expand her landscaping style in ways that never would have occurred to me. Though our companies will exist separately, we will be a support to each other, and grow into these new spaces where we will have more joy.”

We appreciate each and every one of our loyal clients and garden friends who are a part of the My Thyme Gardens family. We celebrate the gardens we have gotten to work in, the people we have connected with, and how much of a joy it has been to sow each and every seed. Cheers to old friends and new growth!

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