Power Plugs: Small But Mighty

Power Plugs are a great way to introduce new plants to your garden, and benefit from their pre-existing root system. This means a foundation of robust health and a quick growing time. Gee! Each plug is two inches in width, its height varies, and the roots are four inches long. These babies are ready to be planted right in the ground, and then take only about 6-8 weeks before they are the same size as they would be if they were planted from a gallon-size container.

This is a fairly new product that we are excited to offer our clients. Typically, Power Plugs would go straight to retailers who would grow them for about a year, and then sell them in a 1-gallon sized pot. The fact that we’re able to offer them to our clients sooner in the process helps keep the cost down. They’re smaller, so their root systems can be a bit more established before going into the ground. Since they’re smaller, they experience less transplant shock.

Transplant shock, briefly explained: when moving larger plants, their roots can start growing in circles and need to be broken apart to move. This stresses the roots, and they have to re-establish themselves. Smaller plants have smaller roots that don’t need to be broken apart when being moved, and so they don’t experience that same shock.

Power plugs make it easy to fill in empty spaces and get the party going during a garden redesign, or as you’re creating a new bed. They’re small but mighty, with an expedited growing time.

They’re always available to MTG clients, but twice a year (spring and fall), My Thyme Gardens opens up access to Power Plugs. They’re significantly discounted for us! We also have many other plants that would perform very well in our landscapes. If you have questions on these sales, call our accounts manager at (586) 255-4386.

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