Lake shore in norther Michigan

Nature’s Wisdom

Colorful winter sunrise over Lake St. Clair

Anytime we are feeling overwhelmed, incapable, or confused, nature is there to offer support. We love to drop what we are doing and head outside, taking in the splashes of color and aroma through our senses. A reminder of how good this feels washes over us, making us feel just the right kind of small. Often, we notice our steady stream of worries beginning to slow and trickle off into the distance, while gratitude moves into its place. Here, it is safe to drop our anchor and let ourselves become grounded amongst the steady march of creatures foraging for food, singing a song and traveling from point A to B. We remember the curiosity and grandeur that is always found in Mother Nature’s bosom, and just like that, connection is renewed between our inner selves and our outside home. 

Close up of squirrel

When we inhale the oxygen from trees, we are refreshed; as we exhale, they are fed. We are part of the circle of life, working together to nourish each other. As we walk through the trees, we hear the wind rushing through and whispering encouragement to us. We can have a conversation with these sounds and sensations that feel like a personal message to us. We are reminded to stop and smell the roses, inhaling sweet aromas and exhaling gratitude for every sample of beauty that we get to experience through our senses. It grounds us, bringing us back to the short list of things that will always matter; never going out of style.

River through forest

A rich melody of rushing water intercepts our consciousness. We take a moment to notice the current of the river faithfully flowing. It washes away scars in its path, smoothing everything over with its great power, then continuing down the line. Time travels in that same way, gradually softening and polishing our scars and pain, leaving us with renewed hearts. 

Close up of snowflakes on a leaf

We point out snowflakes and admire each unique design in its complexity. Each snowflake is exquisite in its own way and doesn’t need to be compared to another. Observing diversity in nature’s design reminds us to celebrate the differences in our communities. Every human is unique in their own experience, vision and gifts. We are all fighting our own battles, seeking to support each other throughout the mountains and valleys in our path. Today, we show up as our best selves, armed with the most fitting tools we have for what the day will bring. Rather than standing in the shadows, we can start each day within reach of the sun. Feel how the rays warm us up and nourish every cell – not only in our own bodies, but also in the creatures and plants around us. We embrace the uniqueness of life. Nature is a complex ecosystem; it is all interconnected. How do we affect each other? A smile or a kind word can bring nourishment and growth. 

Sunset over waves

Next time you go on a wander through the woods, nature will have a message for you if you’re open to it. Receive it with open arms…then share it in the comments below.

Forest path

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