rozanne geranium

Summer Flower Feature: Rozanne Geranium

close up of rozanne geranium
Photo credit: www.gardenia.net

Attention, please; attention please. Will the audience kindly swivel their eyes towards the Rozanne Geranium? Note its violet-blue hue that attracts bees and butterflies alike, begging for a sweet exchange of fondness and pollen. It has won award after award for its versatility, dependability, and adaptability. A round of applause please, for Our Lady Rozanne.

This geranium maintains its masses of saucer shaped, purple-blue blooms much longer than other perennials. This is because it is sterile, meaning that it is hybridized not to go to seed. When plants go to seed, a lot of their energy is taken from the bloom in order to boost seed production. As the energy source switches, blossoms wither and die. Since Rozanne Geraniums have been cultivated not to do this, they have longer, bigger blooms that just don’t quit! Its splashes of color and vigor bring beautiful pops of pigment to any landscape. 

They are happy with partially-shaded areas, and also don’t complain in full sun. Plant this desirable flower anytime of year, except when the ground is frozen. In Michigan, their blooms shine brightly from mid-June to October. When these flowers look less prolific, just give them a quick mid-summer shearing and expect fresh flowers within 1-2 weeks.  In moist, low nutrient soils with clay or sand, they will flourish for six to seven years, and then you are welcome to divide one clump into two, replant them, and keep on partying for another several years. Can you say “low-maintenance?!” 

rozanne geranium
Photo credit: www.finegardening.com

This particular flavor of flower will fill a space, but won’t invade. You have options when it comes to Rozanne! Let her shoot tendrils out and explore her surroundings. She’ll wind around neighboring plant friends, resulting in a lovely ground cover that brings health and wellness to the entire garden. When she trails a little farther than you’d like her to, just cut her back close to her roots. 

Though Rozanne is full of sweetness and delight, she has a lust for fish, blood and bone. Well! We all have our quirks. Her favorite fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that break down slowly, releasing vital nutrition over a period of several months. Another evidence of her hardiness is her ability to resist deer and disease. Free pest control for your garden!

This summer superstar keeps us coming back for more, and we wouldn’t even dream of resisting her allure. Thanks, Roz.

rozanne geranium
Photo credit: www.gardenerspath.com

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