Five Year Anniversary


We turned five! We can hardly believe what a fulfilling journey this past half-decade has been. As of April 2021, we are celebrating the vibrant gardens and landscapes we have been involved in beautifying. We also tip our sun hats to everyone who has been a part of our story; loyal customers who put their trust in us and referred their friends and family to us season after season, and new friends that worked alongside us on garden and community projects.

We had to start somewhere; going back to our roots, we remember Jen working part-time with just a few clients. She began to offer her services through Facebook and eventually, word spread. A one-woman show shearing boxwoods evolved into a team of more than twelve employees installing artistic urban gardens, and foodscaping (planting edibles among ornamentals!).

Five Lessons for Five Years of Being in Business:

  1. It takes a village. A mutually supportive community lifts us up. It’s like a human ecosystem! We appreciate our MTG community from our staff to the loyal customers that have become our friends.
  2. Setting healthy boundaries is kind – to those around you and to yourself.
  3. Take opportunities to rest just as our winter gardens do. Embrace balance.
  4. Deal with the weeds when they’re small. It’s much better to deal with any challenges in the moment, while they’re smaller and to not let them grow bigger and spread.
  5. Living mulch feeds the soil in our gardens and decorative rocks don’t. Much like our soil needs nurturing, so do our souls!
  6. …and one to grow on! Pollinators may be small, but they are mighty and produce big results. Without them, there is no us. That is also how we view our MTG community – our team – our clients – our earth – the ecosystems and the environment in which we live. We are all necessary pieces to the puzzle. There is no part that is insignificant, for without it, the final picture is incomplete.

We continue to push the boundaries on traditional gardening as we begin to dip our toes into meadow gardens. This means that we fill spaces between plants with living plant material, so that there’s no room for weeds to grow. It means more health overall for each organism involved, aboveground and underground: the plants, the worms, the pollinators and the gardeners.

Join us on Facebook (My Thyme Gardens) and Instagram (@mythymegardens) April 19-23, as we ring in our anniversary with the “My Thyme Trivia Challenge”! Each day, we will post a question and all correct answers received will be put into a hat to be drawn for a gift! Here are the gifts for each daily winner:

Day 1: Succulent Planter
Day 2: Hanging Planter
Day 3: 12” Flower Pot
Day 4: $50 gift certificate for Wiegand’s Nursery
Day 5: Deluxe Flower Pot custom-designed by MTG
(Hint: All answers can be found on our website!)

If you don’t have Facebook, you can still participate by going to the “Events” page here on our website. Can’t wait to see your answers!

Cheers to another five years with our favorite customers!

Until next thyme,
The Team at My Thyme Gardens

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