Swapping Perfectionism for Playfulness

Dear Reader!

Did you know that your garden is a playground?

Gardening doesn’t have to feel as though you’re wearing a crisp, straw hat and reading from a script, meticulously doing things “the right way.” Let’s make that hat more floppy and discard the paperwork. Whew! Now we can invite some mess-making to the backyard. Gardening can be a space where we take risks and tap into glee. Follow a new path that has a lot of question marks. Where will it take you? We can’t tell ya! Go find out. 

Gleefully gardening in an acceptably floppy hat.

Bringing back that same sense of play that we had as children is a way to connect more fully to the glory found in submerging our hands in the dirt, watching a pollen-laden bee flit from blossom to blossom, and observing the new growth of a happy plant. Imagine getting to watch the transformation of a tiny seedling that matures into a happy plant, bursting with blooms. Perhaps you are digging in the dirt and a fat earthworm takes a break from aerating your soil to point its head at you (or is it a tail?). Can you say bliss? Worms are the best!!

What if you are sleepily wandering around your garden with your morning cup of Joe, and suddenly you spot an egg on your milkweed – meaning the next generation of Monarchs is about to emerge?! Mayhaps you get to observe the change of seasons in your garden over the year as your Siberian bugloss steals the spotlight in spring, then your Catmint grabs the microphone in summer and belts out an original song. Be still, my soaring soul. 

A Monarch caterpillar climbs to new heights

The more time we can set aside for this sense of wonder in such everyday events, the more we can remember what it was like to be a kid. The average child holds something priceless in their heart: the belief that anything is possible. We love to infuse this into our gardening expeditions. 


What sweet experiences are waiting for you in your garden playground? Many gardeners, novice and seasoned, can agree that there is something they’ve always been curious about or wanted in their gardening journey – but haven’t yet given it a shot. If that resonates with you, then we ask you: what is standing in your way? 

As you may be aware, MTG offers garden coaching (read about it here). One thing that MTG owner, Jen, observes from her clients is the fear that limits them from rolling up their sleeves, embracing the unknown, and just getting into it. They let the fear of not knowing where to start limit their explorations.

Happy playing! Until next thyme,

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