Oudolf Garden Detroit

We’ll admit it: we have a garden crush! Piet Oudolf, a world-renowned public garden designer from the Netherlands, is the recipient of all our heart-eye emojis. When we heard that he would be designing a garden on Belle Isle, we knew we had to be a part of his team. After years of going to every event and fundraiser for this garden, and networking with Piet and his local organizers, we offered our team for volunteering opportunities. We were thrilled to be a small part of this community project. After a round of teenage squeals, we grabbed our tools and headed for Belle Isle.

Upon arriving, we threw our energy into moving plants from the makeshift parking lot nursery into their garden beds. It was awe-inspiring to see this garden take shape before our eyes. We have continued to be a part of the volunteering team, and enjoy watching Oudolf Garden Detroit mature in the months after installation.

Oudolf Garden Detroit will have something blooming throughout all the seasons, bringing passersby a bottomless supply of delight. Nearly twenty six thousand plants have been planted in these 2.6 acres set aside for this project on Detroit’s tiny island. This garden mirrors our core values, being a self-sustaining and regenerating garden for years to come. It speaks to our need to escape the city and feel the wilderness. It’s not neat and tidy; it is alive, free flowing and creative. It is part of a healthy ecosystem, in sync with all the creatures inside and around it, above and below the ground.

If you are able, donate to ensure that these lush gardens will be maintained for years to come.

Until next thyme!
The Team at My Thyme Gardens

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