The Joy Of Foodscaping

Growing up, my siblings and I spent our days outside, romping around and exploring the woods by our house. I would feel a craving for something fresh and take a quick detour to the garden. Plucking a ripe tomato, I’d pop it in my mouth. The sweet, bright flavor would invade my taste buds, and I was fueled to keep frolicking in the sun. As a family, we all helped to weed, care for, and harvest this garden. Sure, I didn’t always love to weed…but I sure loved to eat!

berry plant

Think about your children; maybe your grandchildren. How do they interact with nature? A garden can be much more than a beautiful display; it can be a gathering place for your whole family. Create an oasis right in your backyard where you can grab fresh herbs, greens for a salad or even grow some blueberry shrubs. You can use the space you have, big or small, to serve as a local and sustainable food resource. Once you start, you won’t want to stop!

Where to begin?

Herbs are the perfect way to begin blessing your Midwest garden with edibles. They are easy to grow, they come back every year, and you can boost your soil health if you start with herbs. They will be feeding you and our beloved pollinators. Finally, you can expect your friends to admire your lush landscape and discreetly inquire how you grew the most bounteous garden on the block!

Until next thyme~
The My Thyme Gardens Team

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